When we are Brave podcast

Stories and inspiration on living your best and bravest life. We all have to be brave sometime in our life, wither it’s making the tough choices in daily life, living with a chronic illness or overcoming adversity.

The When we are BRAVE podcast will inspire you, provide tips and tricks with actionable tools to help empower you to be your authentic self and live your best and bravest life.

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  • Soulful Conversations
    Having soulful conversations where you learn about other people, you can create connections bringing an abundance of joy and fulfilment into your life. In this episode, I share with you my best friend Cassandra Quinlan and her incredibly wise and inspirational outlook on life. We talk about how volunteering has Read more
  • Get Visible and you can achieve ANYTHING!
    In this inspirational episode, Anna Parker-Naples shows us how when you Get Visible and let the real you be seen by you, you can achieve anything! Anna shares her story of how she used a wheelchair and told she would never walk again and how six years later, she walked Read more
  • Finding your Brave
    In this episode, I share with you one of the bravest moments in my life, and how finding your brave can lead you to a life you love living. In this episode I talk about: This episode is a little different to the other episode of the When we are Read more
  • Conquer your Everest.
    Bobby Bajram has MS, is legally blind and is a professional disabled athlete, he talks to us about how to conquer your Everest.
  • Bringing Purpose into Your Community
    Tim Richardson MP for Australian Labor Party Victoria member for Mordialloc talks about Bringing purpose into your community.
  • Trusting your Intuition.
    Sarah Willoughby Author, Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Speaker talks about Trusting your Intuition
  • The Secret of Living a Full Life.
    Mary Bawden and Tiffany Johnson talk about the Secret to living a full life. Finding wonder, amazement and gratefulness that life brings
  • Appreciate all that is yours
    Author Yael Maree and Tiffany Johnson talk about appreciating all that is yours in your life and living in gratitude. In this episode, Author Yael Maree talks about how living across the globe has transformed not only her writing but also her outlook on life, where she learnt to appreciate Read more
  • Celebrating Mothers this Mother’s day
    An inspirational panel of women discuss what it means to be brave as a mother. In this episode, three of my favourite and most inspired woman in my life join me in celebrating the bravery of motherhood. Together we discuss what it means to be brave as a mother, how Read more
  • Finding your focus
    Finding focus is Annies gateway to living her best and bravest life.
  • Moving Through Fear with John Harradine
    When you know yourself, that’s a BRAVE thing to do
  • Living Your Truth with Sandra Pankhurst
    In this episode Sandra Pankhurst, the women from the best-selling memoir – The Trauma Cleaner, one women’s extraordinary life journey in death decay and disaster, talks to us about what it means to her to your truth and being brave in doing so. She shares with us her tips on how she has overcome adversity through her positive mindset.
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to live your best and bravest life. Episode 4.
    Shown through vulnerability, Sarah talks to us about Imposter Syndrome in the Royal Australian Navy as a Naval Office and how the voice in our head – which she calls “the prince of lies” can take over our world. Recovering from PTSD, High function anxiety and Alcoholism, Sarah now lives an entirely different life, filled with wellness and the goal to help others who too have lived with imposter syndrome. This episode includes some fabulous tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome and the negative voice who talks to us all.
  • Jack Fitzpatrick talks about the key to winning: Follow your dreams
    In this episode I sit down with Jack Fitzpatrick, former AFL player and coach for the AFLW and talk about how Jack’s Grandfather influenced him throughout his life. Including overcoming his many health issues during his life, including chronic fatigue and type 1 diabetes, enabling him to follow his dreams.
  • Ann Rodis and Tiffany Johnson on how the world is on the other side of COVID-19 is up to us. Episode 2.
    Ann Rodis, Founder of Soul Based therapies talks to us about how the world looks on the other side of COVID -19 is up to us.
  • Welcome to the When we are Brave Podcast – Episode 1
    When we are BRAVE podcast is a show sharing inspirational stories and conversations, plus tips and tricks on living your best and bravest life.
  • Season 1 Trailer
    The When we are BRAVE podcast is to help inspire all of us to live our best and bravest life.