Celebrating Mothers this Mother’s day

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An inspirational panel of women discuss what it means to be brave as a mother.

In this episode, three of my favourite and most inspired woman in my life join me in celebrating the bravery of motherhood. Together we discuss what it means to be brave as a mother, how we move through our fear as mothers and release expectations put upon ourselves and society. With lots of laughs, plus tips on living your best and bravest life as a mother, this is an episode full of wisdom and enormous love.


Diane Elliott, Emma Hartridge, Cassandra Quinlan and Tiffany Johnson discuss what it means to be brave as a mother.

• Emma Hartridge, Midwife and Maternal and Child Health Nurse and one of my best friends, joins us to talk about the work that she does and how we can all be kinder to ourselves as mothers and to those around us and acknowledge just how tough a job being a mother is.
• Cassandra Quinlan, mother of a transgender child and also my best friend, talks to us about bravery in motherhood and growing with your children.
• Diane Elliott, Director of QueenBEE Secrets, Organic Skin Care and my mum, one of the most inspiring and wisest women I know. Talks to us about how we need to listen to our mother’s intuition and trust that we know what to do, and when to do it.
• Together to talk about the importance of community in our mothering and the different support that we can connect with at different stages in our mothers, to help us feel like we are not alone. We provide lots of practical tools in how we can all live our best and bravest life.


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