Trusting your Intuition.

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Sarah Willoughby Author, Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Speaker talks about Trusting your Intuition.

Sarah Willoughby Author, Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Speaker talks about Trusting your Intuition and how life becomes in flow when we really tune in and let our intuition guide us. Sarah talks about the benefits of being in nature and how we can all become more centred and grounded through being in nature and the benefits of having a gratitude mindset. 

  • Sarah moved to Australia from the United Kingdom 10 years ago, when she felt a calling to change her life. Originally working in HR, Sarah found her life to be stressful and frustrating. She began her journey in search of self through meditation and ultimately started her spiritual journey. Once in Australia she studied Reiki and began to connect with Nature, finding grounding and sense of peace she had not experienced before. 
  • Sarah is a passionate writer and believes that the written word is a beautiful way to connect, as we hear the written word in our own voice. 
  • When Sarah first visited Australia, and in particular Melbourne, she felt like she had come home. Sarah left her logical brain out the window and followed her intuition to move. When she finally listened to her intuition, she talks about the freedom that came with that. 
  • Sarah shares how we can receive guidance in our lives from our intuition and how we can learn to trust in our intuition. 
  • Feeling in flow with our intuition can help us when we are faced with fear. Sarah uses this daily to help her trust in her intuition.
  • Connecting with nature is Sarah’s superpower. Nature is Sarah’s temple, it is the place where she goes to help her get out of her head, to stop the negative chatter in her head. Being in nature helps her feel calmer and grounded. Nature brings us back into our body to help us to make decisions and connect to who we are. 
  • Sarah’s mission is to help people to get outside more, including children, to get healing from the earth and ground themselves. Gratitude is also one of Sarah’s tools to help keep things into perspective, even in the most difficult situation, it really is about perspective. Finding gratitude in the most challenging times can help us see that there is always a light that we can find. 

Sarah’s Tips on Living Bravely

Finding gratitude even in the hardest of times, helps us keep things in perspective. 

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Website: www.sarahwilloughby.com.au

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/SarahWilloughbyAustralia

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