My Journey to Brave Journal

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My Journey to Brave is a digital journal ready for you to download.

I am a big advocate of journaling. There is something about writing down your thoughts and feelings in a safe place that helps you unravel what you are thinking and feeling. What helped me back to finding myself during a time of darkness, was my journal. It was the beginning of my path of self-discovered, revealing my bravery. Bravery to be my authentic self.

I began to open up to myself through the pages of my journal. It was the beginning of owning my truth. And it is my gift to you. I hope this book will inspire you to do the same.

What does it mean to you to live your best and bravest life? Does it mean being strong, and forthright? Do you think of bravery as a woman and man in uniform, wearing stars, or medals? Or does it mean being vulnerable, honest and courageous in all that you do? To be brave can mean so many things.

To me, being brave is just that, doing things, even in the face of difficulty. And being your authentic self can be just that. Being genuine, standing up for what you believe in and living as who you truly are, and living with courage is to be brave. To live in this way can be incredibly challenging at times and rewarding in others.

Each section in this journal is guided, with different purposes, prompts and tools, all developed with love and care to help you find your brave.

This gorgeous journal is filled with beautiful images and quotes to inspire you in your life to be brave. It includes:

  • Journal prompts, throughout the journal
  • Pages for refection, include space for creative expression
  • Guide on goal setting and actioning goals
  • A guide on gratitude and gratitude mindset
  • Daily pages, including daily affirmations
  • Pages of beautiful quotes with images to inspire you to be brave. These can be printed and framed if desired.

How to use

The My Journey to Brave journal comes as a digital download that can be used on tablet device. You will require Goodnotes App or Notability or any app that supports hyperlinked PDF to work on your tablet. They need to be purchased through the app store and are not a part of the download.

Please note: Colours may vary from screen to screen.

How to download.

This are instant digital download PDF which you can use it right away! You won’t be receiving anything in the post.

  • Once you purchase you’ll receive an email to take you to your instant download
  • You can download them as many times as you like
  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions


  • Digital Planners, Notebooks require Goodnotes app or Notability or any app that support hyperlinked PDF to work on iPad Pro / iPad and other tablets. These apps are not part of this purchase. They need to be purchased through the app store.
  • Download to your computer and airdrop the file to your iPad
  • Write and plan using your apple pencil/stylus just as you would with a paper planner!

All digital files may only be used for personal use. May not be Redistributed, Resold, Altered or used Commercially.


Within these pages, I share with you some of my wisdom, to help lead you towards your best and bravest life.

May it fill you with joy and abundance in all things you deserve.

Enjoy discovering you.


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