Knowing your Story

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Know your Story

For millennia, we have learned about our world through stories. In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with stories via social media platforms in various ways. Everyone loves a good story of any kind, but often, we don’t own our own stories, yet these are the ones which are the most important.

A dear friend of mine, Dr Wendy Bruton, recently wrote an article on the importance of knowing your story. Dr Bruton has a PhD in Counseling Education & Supervision, has the voice of an angle on her podcast – I used to be a therapist; she is also an author plus many other amazing things.

Her article talks about stories and the importance of understanding our own story through all the ups and downs. I highly recommend you give it a read CLICK HERE.

I’ve had my fair share of up’s and downs in life, and, in more recent times, I have wondered again what life will hold for me?

But one thing I know for sure is that I know my story. It’s part of me, and it’s all of me. It’s why I do what I do. Through sharing my story, I hope that I may help another live their best and bravest life, no matter what that looks like to them. Through sharing my story, another may live to their truest potential and see the wonder that stands in front of them that is their own story.

We all have a story, and we can all learn from each other and learn more about ourselves by understanding our stories and this, my friends, is a gift. 

Go check out her article. I’m sure it will insure you as much as it has inspired me. Dr Wendy Bruton – Essentially Better Life – KNOW YOU STORY.

It is brave to know your story, I’d love to know more about it. Leave a comment below and let me know how knowing your story has helped you.

If you would like to know more about my story, you can click here  Or see how I can help you learn what it means to you to be brave and unlock more of your story through journaling click here.

Love and Light