Meet Tiffany Johnson

The 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster stole the lives of 21 young people. I should have been one of them.

I began my travels in search of adventure only to find myself on the run from a toxic relationship, I escaped on a European tour, where I began to put the missing puzzle pieces of myself back together. Only it all came crushing down in the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster and I was washed away in the flash flood.
Tiffany Johnson in Switzerland

Suffering multiple injuries including a broken tibia, split in half from my ankle to my knee, a dislocated jaw, 4 broken ribs, soft tissue damage to both legs and a damaged pancreas and now living with an insulin pump to keep me alive. Plus mental health injuries of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and survivors’ guilt. 

I slowly started to rebuild my life with the power of self-belief, determination and resilience.

What I learnt from my experience was what it truly means to be brave. Believing in yourself and knowing how amazing, strong, wonderful and brilliantly BRAVE you are!

I’ve come to understand what true bravery means and for me it is willing to be courageous in the darkness to find the light.

When we believe in ourselves magic comes out way and it spreads like wildfire for others to join in.

Tiffany Johnson Speaking at Lions Club Beaumaris
Tiffany Johnson at her Book Launch of Brave Enough Now with Helen Raizer
Tiffany Johnson

You are Brave in everything that you do!

Brave Enough Now

My best-selling memoir is an inspirational story of self-discovery, survival and hope. Poignant and enthralling, Brave Enough Now is a courageous telling of how I overcome internal conflict and trauma to lead my best and bravest life.

Tiffany takes us on a life-changing journey. It's not just the story of her travels and then a terrifying ordeal, but of an in-depth inner growth and change as well. If you want an inspirational read, this book is your answer 🙂
Brave Enough Now, an inspirational story of self-discovery, survival and hope.