How do I listen to a PODCAST? It’s super easy…

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I know right now, some of you are bored, beyond boredom. Some of you are busy, busier than ever before and some are somewhere in between. But no matter where you are at in your life. Now is the time to listen to podcasts! But How do I listen to a podcast? And why should I? I hear you say.

Because, like blog posts 20 years ago, podcasts are the new blog post!

But what is a PODCAST you ask? And others of you, I can hear you clapping and cheering on the sidelines- yeah – I love podcasts.

I like to think of a podcast as a RADIO SHOW, only you can listen to it whenever you want.

Just like streaming TV, watching your favourite TV show any time you want on any device you have, a laptop, a smartphone, or your smart TV. A podcast is the audio version of this.

And like TV, with the many streaming channels to choose from such as Netflix, Apple TV, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and the list goes on. Podcasts also have many platforms where you can listen such as, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and the list also goes on again.

But HOW do I listen to a podcast – there are a few ways.

Let me explain:


This is the easiest and simplest way to listen to a podcast. Most podcasts will have a website, and if they do they will have a play button where you can click and you can listen directly to that particular podcast. Just like here on my website, there is a link up the top that says Podcast. Click on it, and it will take you to a page where my podcast – When we are BRAVE – is. You can click on the play button and it will start playing the When we are BRAVE podcast show.

Click here

Easy, just like that.

Apple Products – iPhone or iPad, Macbook

Apple Podcasts is the app for listening to Podcasts on your Apple products. Apple holds the monopoly for podcasts and you can find most if not all podcasts on this platform. Most smartphones already have the app on their phone it looks like this:

You can click on this link on your Apple device and use the search bar to look up anything you are interested in… including When we are BRAVE – you’ll find me there.


There are lots of different apps for listening to podcasts on android devices, including google play, Spotify, Deezer. The easiest is Google Podcasts:

Google podcasts Logo Icon of Flat style - Available in SVG, PNG ...

As with Apple, you can easily search for the show or topic you are after and google play will bring up the options for you. Click on the name like – When we are BRAVE and bingo! You will find it, press the play button and you’re in business.

When we are BRAVE Podcast – APRIL 6th 2020

April 6th is the date of release for full episodes and I am so excited to share amazing stories of resilience, empowerment and bravery. Plus lots of amazing tips on how you can be brave in your everyday life, no matter what that looks like for you.

So stay tuned and check out some podcasts on whichever device you find easiest to use, it might bring a whole new world of learning, entertainment and joy to your life.

Any questions please email me, or connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. And don’t forget to share with your friends or family if you think this could help them find a whole new world of audio options.

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Live your best and bravest life, I know you can. And this time there are audio options waiting just for you.