Letting go of Expectations

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Letting go of expectations

When we are Brave with Tiffany Johnson Letting go of expectations

Steph Demetrious talks about:

  • Steph is a mother and a wife; she works in the field of energy and intuition. Steph became brave when the universe got so loud that she couldn’t ignore the signs anymore.
  • Standing in her kitchen on a typical ordinary day, Steph was going over a situation in her head after a conversation with a friend, when she became anxious and stressed. As Steph stood there, she heard a voice in her head say “It’s Ok Mum”. All the stress and anxiety left her, and within that split second, she began to feel completely calm. Steph had a spiritual awakening.
  • Steph did a pregnancy test and discovered she was pregnant. This experience was the first time she truly listened to the universe and has never looked back since.
  • Up until that moment, Steph had intuitive knowing’s but was too scared to listen to them. It took her this experience for her to pay attention to her intuition finally.
  • Even as a young child Steph was curious about spirituality.
  • Life is always a journey, there are still times in life when Steph becomes unravelled from the perceived expectations from society but tunes back into her soul and moves forward, trusting in the universe. There is always that little voice in our minds when we worry about what others think and will say, but it’s the figuring out the tools to acknowledges to herself and how she truly feels and what her purpose is.
  • As an intuitive, Steph uses many different tools to help her step into her soul space. When you recognise what your own space is and what it feels like, when you are in flow when we listen to others expectations, it takes us out of our flow. When we are in the headspace of listening to others and conforming to their expectations, we get out of flow. The answers we are looking for are always within ourselves.
  • Writing down a list of all the times when you have trusted in your intuition can help you remember to stay focused and listen to your intuition and acknowledge the success you have had. Even in times of discomfort, we all learn lessons so that we can move forward and life can become easy.
  • Steph jumped out of the spiritual closet, thinking that no one would understand, that she was crazy, but what she learnt was to trust, and open up communication with those that love you and the universe will provide.
  • There are times when you feel a calling, but you need to create space to allow this calling to happen. Sticking to routines, ritual, and scheduled helps to be able to create space to ensure that what needs to be done, can get done—sticking to a routine works well for Steph.
  • If your mind is always thinking, there is no space for your intuition to drop in. Mental, emotional, physical and energetic Steph teaches how to create space for your intuition to drop in the four areas of your life. We sense intuition in so many ways and holding space in these areas enables us to follow the callings that we have. Writing down and actively acknowledging her intuition but getting it out of her energy into the physical opens the flood gates to get clear on what she needs to do.
  • When you make that time, do not let anything else get in the way.
  • Steph likes to ask her intuition through the tool of muscle testing; she also loves to move. This helps move the energy and creates clarity and focus for her, freeing any stagnant energy.
  • Have a list of times of success when Steph has trusted the universe and when she surrendered to the universe and keeps track of intuitive success experiences.

Steph's tips and tricks to living a brave life.

When we are Brave podcast with Tiffany Johnson

The universe has got you.

Trust in yourself. Trust in the Universe. 

When we are Brave with Tiffany Johnson

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So, my friends, until next time, be brave and live your best and bravest life.

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