Conquer your Everest.

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Bobby Bajram is a professional athlete, he has MS, is legally blind and planning to summit Mount Everest, he talks to us about how to conquer your Everest, no matter what that is.

Bobby talks to us about:

Bobby Bajram has MS, is legally blind and is a professional disabled athlete, he talks to us about how to conquer your Everest. He has had MS for the last 40 years and has climbed 5 different mountain peaks and is planning on climbing to the summit Mount Everest. Bobby doesn’t climb just for himself, but for everyone out there in the world who has their own Mount Everest to climb. Bobby is an inspiration, his zest for life is infectious in this fun-filled interview.

Bobby talks to us about:

•    How he has lived for 40 years with MS and what MS is, plus shares the side effects of this invisible disease. Side effects, including blindness, disability, loss of limbs and the ability to walk or talk. So, when Bobby has a good day, he calls it, his “Ferrari days”.  

•    Living life to the fullest is Bobby’s theory in life, he is humorous and authentic in how he believes in positivity. 

•    Bobby shares his secrets to being positive in his life, turning a No, into a yes. By merely flipping the letters to ON, turns it into a YES. 

•    There are many requirements for enabling Bobby’s mission for his climb to Mount Everest for his health and fitness, he has worked effortlessly to gain support and now has over 116 sponsors who are supporting him for his hike to Mount Everest. They provide him with the supplies, skills, and tools that he will need to embark on such a dangerous journey.  Some of his sponsors include Jacyo, Linfox, The fitness and lifestyle group, Ripcurl, Portsea SLSC, Working Dog and many others. 

•    Bobby is doing this trek is to prove to people that no matter what their Mount Everest is, they can do it. No matter what mountain they have to climb, they can do it.

•    Life isn’t about money to Bobby, Bobby wants to help change the world and inspire people, and that is priceless to him. He soul purpose wants to help people.

•    Bobby shares with us some of the incredible logistics of how he is able, as a disabled and legally blind man, to climb mountains – including the individual facilities made just for him to ensure a successful trek.

•    The importance of community is paramount to Bobby. He shares with us how his community is like family and the importance of having people who love you around you through your life.

Bobby’s Tips for living a Brave life

Always think positive. 

Give life a good go and do what you have always dreamt of.

When you smile, and you say hello to somebody, they will smile and say hello back. If someone frowns at you, often the person will smile back. Your smile can help them will find a smile and feel positive.

Community is significant because it fills the hole. Otherwise, it’s empty and being empty isn’t very good for your mindset. It’s essential to be a community-based person because, without it, there is nothing. All of your community is a type of unconditional love. It’s number 1.

Keep smiling and stay positive, because if you’re not positive, you’re not anything. It doesn’t cost anything to be positive. It’s bobby’s sect.

Within our human connection and interaction, being positivity can add to someone’s yesterday or brings about new positivity to someone today that they would otherwise not experience, that is brave. 

For every no, you get, your one step closer to a yes. If you spell no, and you switch the letters, to ON, then that’s a yes.  So you can get from NO to a YES. And that’s how Bobby lives. One switch of two letters changes your whole life. 

How to connect with Bobby:

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So, my friends, until next time, be brave and live your best life.

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Tiffany · June 19, 2020 at 4:44 pm

Bobby certainly is a true legend! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the podcast 🙂

Kevin haddacks · June 12, 2020 at 9:40 am

Amazing podcast Bobby. Really inspiring. Your a true legend mate. -Kev

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