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In this inspirational episode, Anna Parker-Naples shows us how when you Get Visible and let the real you be seen by you, you can achieve anything! Anna shares her story of how she used a wheelchair and told she would never walk again and how six years later, she walked on the red carpet in Hollywood. Anna is a British no.1 bestselling Author, host of top-ranking podcast Entrepreneurs Get Visible, award-winning Business Coach and Speaker, with a background as a multi-award-winning audio producer and Voice Actor. She now shares her knowledge to help others spread their message far and wide through confidence and know-how on how to get visible. 

Anna Talks About:

  • As a result of Anna’s journey with NLP – Neurolinguistics Programming, she began to unravel her world to new possibilities, after being told she would never walk again, with 3 small children, she knew she needed to make some changes. 
  • Within 3 weeks of starting NLP, she was able to get herself up again in a frame. Anna used the power of NLP, positive mindset and positive language to work out how her world could be what she had always wanted. 
  • As an actor, she discovered she could still follow her dreams of getting her voice out there in a way where she could work and be a mother and do work that she loved. 
  • Starting in voice over doing commercials, she started using her voice to tell stories for audio drams and audiobooks, and video games. 
  • Anna ended up winning many awards and being a finalist in Hollywood 7 times on the red carpet, walking wearing a pair of heals!
  • Utilising NLP to move forward in her life in such a profound way, Anna started to learn NLP and became an NLP master.
  • Inspiration cam to Anna as she led her dream life, of walking down the red carpet in Hollywood, she realised that it was time to tell her own story. And so, she started on a new journey, to help others find their voice too. Never seeing herself as a leader, Anna proceed to do a lot of deep mindset work, realising that what she wanted to help people, inspire them, and lead them.
  • Living your best and bravest life, to Anna means “showing up and leading.”
  • Life can be challenging when you stand up for what you believe in. But stand up, it’s worth it!
  • Stop and think about the voice in your head and whatever that cruel and nasty head voice is saying, your subconscious is trying to protect you. But when you go into the voice, what does it look like? What is the message that my subconscious wants to hear? What is the message with what I want to do? Very often it’s the same highest purpose. 
  • When you think about the thing you’re scared of doing. Who is it your scared of being rejected by?
  • Getting started can be the hardest part of making change. But go out there and get started and do it imperfectly.
  • Journal free flow, is a wonderful tool to help you dig deep and move forward. Journal but with intent.

Anna’s Tips for Living Your Best and Bravest Life.

When we get visible, see yourself, let the real you be seen by you, acknowledging to you that you matter. Acknowledging that you exist and then telling people the things your good at, because when you do that and then you’re strategic about it, you can do anything.

Positive self-talk give us power to move forward to live our best and bravest life.

When you have a nugget of a dream and people around you tell you you’re a bit nuts, but if you don’t follow that passion and burst of inspirational, the feeling of what you’re supposed to do it, what are you going to be in 10 years time?

In Anna’s book – Get Visible – she shares the story of a traumatic event of being attacked by a gang of girls and how working through her deep internal emotions, thoughts and language, we can move forward, and unlock neural pathways. When we unravel our own limiting beliefs, placing new positive pathways in their place, our world moves in a new and positive direction.

Anna never used to see the world that way she currently does, and now she has tapped into the power of transformational work, that is accessible to everyone. When this happens you want everyone to know. If everyone understood these tools such as NLP, we can all live more purposeful lives. 

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