Brave Enough Now The Book

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Brave Enough Now

On a rainy day in July 1999, 21 young people lost their lives in the infamous Saxetenbach Gorge Swiss Canyoning Disaster. I should have been one of them.

But I survived.

I had begun my travels in search of adventure, only to find myself on the run from a toxic relationship. I escaped on a European tour where I began to put the missing puzzle pieces of myself back together and how to trust again, rebuilding my faith in love and friendship – only to be plunged into a world of new dangers by what happened in the gorge that fateful day.

From little girl lost to lioness.

I am “brave enough now”.

Brave Enough Now is a gripping story of courage, survival, friendship, and transformation.
A true story of discovery, adventure, love and loss. Told through humour and raw honesty of the author’s account of her fear, survival and ultimately, her healing.