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At the age of 21, Tiffany’s adventure started in the search for self-discovery, as many young people do as a rite of passage. After leaving home at 17, going to university and falling in love with the wrong man, Tiffany was finally brave enough to leave and pursue adventure. She explored Europe in hope of finding her missing puzzle piece. 

And she found it, only the day before her life would change forever. 

Tiffany is a survivor from the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster, where 21 young people lost their lives.

It wasn’t until she returned home that the extent of her injuries were discovered.  5 broken bones, including a broken leg, dislocation to her jaw and soft tissue damage. Through damage sustained in the flood waters, her pancreas no longer works. Tiffany is now an insulin dependent diabetic. Like many survivors of this event and others similar to it, she also struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

After months back home, she finally began to truly listen to her own inner voice. She realised that no matter how dire things seem, the human spirt can overcome anything. 

Her determination to live her best life, not just for herself but for her friends that were lost has showered her in determination for their story and hers to never be forgotten. And now it is time fo Tiffany to go back to the place that changed her life. 

Tiffany has shared her story on Channel 7 News, Sunrise and ABC Radio National. Her new book Brave Enough Now is on sale now. 

Tiffany presents her inspirational message based her themes of resilience, truth, and listening, helping audiences to make a positive change to their own lives.

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