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Motivation to live your best and bravest life

Tiffany Johnson shares her feelings and reflections with such honesty, openness and authenticity allowing her readers and audiences to embrace every detail of her extraordinary story. 
 Dr Silvia Seibold

Inspiring audiences across the globe, Tiffany talks passionately for building positivity and hope to live your best and bravest life. Her inspirational keynote presentations and talks,  enthrals audiences,  with Tiffany’s miraculous story of survival from the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster.

Tiffany’s message of resilience and overcoming adversity in your life, inspires audiences to walk bravely out into the world.

Swiss Canyoning Disaster Rescue

How to be Brave Enough, from Little Girl Lost to Lioness.

Tiffany talks about the horrific experience of being washed away in the flash flood. Her message is clear. Live your best and bravest life.

Tiffany Johnson is a survivor of the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster – Switzerland’s largest-ever natural disaster – that took the lives of 21 young tourists and guides.  

Tiffany’s journey began in a search for self. She sought her truth unsuccessfully as she journeyed out of rural Australia to University and tropical resorts, through messy relationships and ultimately overseas to Europe. She came to see that her life was as big as a mountain, only for the world which she was creating to come crashing down in the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster. Returning home to Australia, back to where her journey began, she was diagnosed with life-threatening injuries that still affect her daily health and wellbeing 20 years on.  

Tiffany’s outlook and attitude to the world is a credit to her, and we are certain to those she meets. Our Members stated that they are indeed better for having shared time with Tiffany. Inspiration comes to mind. “ Ross W Schweitzer President Rotary Club of Mount Eliza

From the moment she chose to keep moving forward in the search for self, Tiffany has had many moments to question if she could achieve her goals. Even though she kept facing obstacles, she would find another way of achieving the outcome she was looking for.

“It was such a pleasure and honour to interview Tiffany Johnson on The Successful Diligence™ Podcast (Episode 239).   Tiffany shares her story in a powerful way, and was able to highlight aspects of her story that are relevant to my particular audience providing specific value around the concepts and topics that are consistent with the theme of The Successful Diligence™ Podcast Show.  Tiffany is engaging and genuine. I without hesitation highly recommend her as a guest on any podcast, media outlet and as a speaker on stages.”

                                   Michelle Perry – The Successful Diligence Show

Sharing the techniques she has used to live her best and bravest life, including her positive mindset. Audiences leave, no only inspired, but with the tools to walk out and live their lives bravely, whatever that looks like for them.

Insulin pump

Living with chronic illness

Life as an insulin-dependent diabetic is no joy ride. There are no holidays from diabetes. Tiffany explains how she has learned to live her life ‘wearing her pancreas on the outside’.

In this very practical talk, Tiffany explains the role that support networks, and how a positive mindset each play in harmony towards a healthy mind, body and spirit. When we believe in ourselves and live bravely, we become unstoppable.