Soulful Conversations

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Having soulful conversations where you learn about other people, you can create connections bringing an abundance of joy and fulfilment into your life. In this episode, I share with you my best friend Cassandra Quinlan and her incredibly wise and inspirational outlook on life. We talk about how volunteering has brought joy into her world. From the connections, she has made from putting herself out there, Cassandra has learnt how much the art of conversation can not only help others but also ourselves.

Cassandra talks to us about:

• As young girls Cassandra and I met in our early 20’s. Both of us longing for connection and ready to take on the world. Sitting on a bus, travelling through Tuscany in Italy, we shared our secrets and became lifelong friends.
• Cassandra talks to us about volunteering and how her family has always been involved in helping others and volunteered. At the young age of 4, Cassandra was helping her grandmother volunteer for the Red cross. During her early adult years, she became very close to a woman who has just immigrated to Australia as a refugee. Both Cassandra’s mother and her family helped this woman who they became like an Aunty to Cassandra. This inspiring Cassandra to help refugees in any way she could, now working at Lord Sommers Powerhouse camp with their refugee and asylum seekers program.
• The Refugee and Asylum Seeker program is for children who are integrating into Australia, the camp allows the kids to have a break from all the challenging obstacles in their life. An army of people volunteer their time to help these kids.
• Camp helps the kids to have a break from the tough stuff of their life when the
• Volunteering overflows into other parts of life, the connections you make, and the opportunities that you come across are fantastic, including lifelong friendships.
• Through the creating of connections can bring an abundance of joy and fulfilment to your soul. Cassandra has a sparkling gift of making everyone around her feel unique and special. She shares with us how she helps others by communicating.
• Putting her vulnerability aside, Cassandra chooses to build networks and connections and using the art of conversation and knows that through these conversations she can help others. Understanding more about other people, you can give so much of yourself, and you are able to feed your soul.
• Talking to people can help ease the feeling of isolation, which is such an important aspect of our current world.
• Putting vulnerability aside, Cassandra participates in activities, they once upon a time she would have said no to, but with a keen interest in self-development, she now says YES to more opportunities. These opportunities have turned into soulful conversations developing In these conversations, new opportunities, connections and networks.

Cassandra’s tips for living your best and bravest life.

Learning about other people, you can give so much of yourself, and you are able to feed your soul.

Knowing that you can help someone from a conversation, you feel fulfilled, and you can give so much.

When you engage with others, it can enhance you connect to others.

Start with small conversations, you just never know where it will lead

Try and say YES to as many opportunities that come your way. Try not to overthink things and just be open to possibilities.

Get in contact with Lord Somers Camp and Power House:

• https://lscph.org.au

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