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Annie O’Reilly and Tiffany Johnson talk about Finding your Focus and giving all your goodness, all your happiness, is to be BRAVE.

Finding your focus with Annie O'Reilly from Lego Masters on the When we are Brave podcast

In this episode, Annie O’Reilly, contestant of season 2 LEGO Masters and 8th generation Tasseomancist (Tea Leaf Reader ) talks about finding your focus and all things tea – one of my favourite topics and drinks! Annie found her way back into life through Lego, after having a dangerous brain infection and died 3 times. Told she wouldn’t make it to 18, she rebuilt her life through the use of LEGO and tea and it’s how she finds her focus. Her story is of true inspiration and courage. 

Annie talks about

  • Tea leaf reading and how it is connected to her family tradition. 
  • How a brain infection changed her life at the age of 15. Which reset her memory and how she lost 3 years of her life. Died 3 times and the one thing that helped her rebuild her life was LEGO. Lego helped her focus and rehabilitate her life. 
  • How she survived what Doctors said she would not recover from. But she changed her life and turned it around to living her best and bravest life. 
  • Annie is part of the inspiring Brickvention Convention organising committee. As Lego had been such a huge part of Annie’s new life, she was thrilled to be able to give back to help others and make a difference to the lives of people who also needed Lego to help with their rehabilitation. And her world of LEGO began. 
  • Making choices is to be BRAVE and how we can all live our best and bravest life. If something feels bad, then change it, if something feels good. Keep going. 
  • You have been given a life, your best life is the choices that you make, and the bravery comes from making those choices. 
  • If you know yourself and live your best life, because you know yourself, then you can help yourself and protect yourself, and be brave in doing so.
  • Annie talks about how she uses her ability to read tea lives, helps her centre, to plan and help her focus, and live a brave life. 

We make good choices: we are good people

How to connect with Annie via her website:

Tea with Annie

or on her Facebook page facebook.com/teawithannie

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