Finding your voice

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When we are Brave Podcast

Finding your Voice

When we are Brave with Tiffany Johnson interview with Angela Durrant

Finding your voice

After surviving a horrific car accident that nearly took her life, Angela Durrant realised she was not in control of her life, she found her voice from finding her own inner peace and trust in her own guidance. Experiencing multiple traumas in quick succession to each other, Angela realised that to be brave, you need to trust in yourself and that no matter what circumstances life throws at you, you can always trust your inner guidance.

Angela Talks about:

  • Angela is a voice coach, helping hundreds of thousands of people in her career, as a professional singer Angela blended her love of business and music together to create her successful voice coaching business. But it wasn’t always this way.
  • A chronic people pleaser, Angela was trying to be ALL things, to ALL people and in turn, from pure exhaustion, had a devastating car accident, which nearly took her life. But one week later, she walked out of hospital.
    Determined to discover what saved her, and wondering why she had been spared, she began her search for her purpose in life.
  • Coming through the accident, she suffered PTSD with flashbacks, but within the next 7 months, she underwent counselling, where she discovered that perhaps her life truly was meant for something.
  • Needing to unpack and shift in her own world, Angela acknowledged where she was in her life before the car accident and began to look at how she could move forward. It was this revelation that she could use her voice to help hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Angela gave herself permission and freedom to find her voice and started to help others, with a vocal coaching studio. From this small seed of a decision, she found small skills and talents which grew after her car accident. Without the car accident, she may never have unlocked her true potential.
  • She realised that the experience of the car accident was going to become the enemy who has become her best friend. It was the catalyst for a change in life, and the first time she experienced a life lived without fear or anxiety.
  • Moving on from her black and white thinking and coming into the middle, she gave herself permission and freedom to live her purpose. It was coming close to death, that she was then able to become present and see her true potential what life was. She became present in life.
  • Having lived her life, frightened around rejection, from her parents to her school life, she felt she didn’t measure up. Feeling rejected both externally, she began to reject her self and felt like she played small, but after the car accident, she felt she could do or be anything.
  • She felt like the first time in her life that she could take her time, she was able to move forward and discover. She brought in a new method of singing. And finally found what it meant to listen to her own voice. Through this experience, she realised she was living her life inflow.
  • 3 years later, her husband was diagnosed with cancer. The tables turned, and Angela became the primary source of financial income for her family. Fear entered onto the table when she found something else to obsess around, financial concerns and her husbands health. Old habits started to kick back in, but what she realised was that those first 3 years of her new business, when she was living through a state of flow, she was living her purpose.
  • Her husband has been sick with 4 bouts of cancer, she lost her mum and her best friend all within a short period. Angela felt like she was beaten. She couldn’t see anything brave to her with what was happening in her life. But she realised that she didn’t upset life. She realised that there are circumstances that occur, that we have no control over, but what she does have control over is how she shows to up to it.
  • With so may traumas happening in her life, she realised that she needed to show up for others and for herself, even when life throws challenges and traumas at you. Angela has learnt how to be strong and continues to find joy in what she does. She has done this through finding peace within herself.
  • Learning that life’s expectations cannot be as we think life will turn out, letting go of the expectations and finding the peace within yourself helps her continue on her path. Angle knows that it’s not her job to save the world, but where can she find peace with herself, and then she can support others.
  • Continually evolving into a more peaceful place within her self and listening to her own voice.
  • Feeling like she had to hide her traumas from fear and shame, she came to an understanding about sharing the mess in the message, she has been able to be more peaceful.
  • She didn’t need to worry about saving the world, but she could show up for herself. Living with the reality of life.
  • Being present is helping her focus and communication.
  • Understanding that she has no control over anything other than herself and how she feels, helps her live in her present moment. Knowing that we are not in control of everything, but only in control of our feelings. When we have the understanding that our feelings are telling us something, like something needs to change or we have a habitual thought, other times there are real urnings and desires. Using our mindset to continue on our path of peace is the way forward in life.
  • When we recognise that we are were born with your own inner voice, and knowing that your brave has always been there, you wouldn’t have come into this world without it, helps us to understand who we truly are.

Angela's Tips for living Bravely

When we are Brave podcast with Tiffany Johnson interview with Angela Durrant

Moving on from  black and white thinking, to being in the middle, you can give herself permission and freedom to live your life with purpose.

It’s not the circumstances that are causing us to think something, it’s our own minds. 

When we are Brave Podcast with Tiffany Johnson interview with Angela Durrant

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So, my friends, until next time, be brave and live your best and bravest life.

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