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Tim Richardson MP for Australian Labor Party Victoria member for Mordialloc talks about bringing purpose into your community.

In this interview with Tim Richardson MP for the Australian Labor Government in Victoria, member for Mordialloc talks about bringing purpose in your community and coming together of time of need, such as now with the COVID 19 Pandemic and everyday life. Tim talks about how we, as a community, can support and serve each other.  

Tim Talks about:

  • Watching his mother raise him and his sister, Tim watched his mum work two jobs and dedicate her life to her children. She has been his driving force and inspiration in his life.  Teaching him to live a life full of purpose. With his willingness to work hard and dedication to serving within the community, he found his calling into politics.
  • As Assistant Minister for school education in Victoria, he represents over 1M students and over 2000 schools. To Tim, knowing that he is connecting with future leaders and young people is a highlight in his role as well as serving his community. Though his leadership and dedicateion to young people, he inspires our yoth to be anything they want to be.
  • What centres Tim is his ability to find Purpose, in all that he does, both professionally and personally. Looking at how can we bring positivity to our community, which adds to our lives from yesterday or adds to our lives today, can make an impact on someone. 
  • As a sufferer from anxiety, Tim knows all too well the difference wellbeing and mindfulness can bring to people’s lives and works tirelessly to support people within his community.  Tim shares his personal story with anxiety and the benefits of mindfulness and how this has benefited him. Taking time to connect to the moment and the present helps Tim to refocus and centre himself and destress. Regulated breathing also helps him to detox from technology and reset with his Purpose.
  • As a politician and policymaker, Tim loves the opportunity to turn a concept into action, ensuring resources are available for the community assisting local schools and other community groups, plus the larger projects such as infrastructure. 
  • One way to support our community as we come out the other side of COVID-29, Tim looks towards ensuring that support services are available, as well as utilising social media and focusing on positive aspect and how we can connect. Tim feels a sense of responsibility to help the community to feel calm and take care of their mental health and well-being and continue to communicate with others and to help others. We discuss the need to connect with continued support, through nurturing and caring, reassuring people that we can’t be complacent, to continue to take care and the precautionary measure to stay safe. Plus ensuring that we reach out to others and go the extra mile to help others and bring positivity within the community.
  • Governments can help at a local level as well as polices and lawmaking. Tim shares how state government can help with the community and the areas that people can receive assistance. Members of parliament can assist and navigate government services available. Some of these include mental health, upgrades to schools, community groups, roads and rails and infrastructure. 

Tim’s tips for living bravely

Within our human connection and interaction, being positivity can add to someone’s yesterday or brings about new positivity to someone today that they would otherwise not experience, that is brave. 

Understanding what you can control and what you connect with is to be brave.

How to connect with Tim

Website: http://www.timrichardsonmp.com.au

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/richardson4mordialloc/

Facebook the kindness pandemic:https://www.facebook.com/groups/515507852491119/

Yale course for happiness:https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being

LifeLine: If you need someone to talk to you can always contact Lifeline :https://www.lifeline.org.au or phone 13 11 14

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