Living Your Truth with Sandra Pankhurst

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Sandra Pankhurst to about living your truth and being brave with Tiffany Johnson
Sandra Pankhurst and Tiffany Johnson talk on Being BRAVE and living your truth

In this episode Sandra Pankhurst, the women from the best-selling memoir – The Trauma Cleaner, one women’s extraordinary life journey in death decay and disaster, talks about living your truth and being brave in doing so. She shares with us her tips on how she has overcome adversity through her positive mindset.

Living Your Truth

• Sandra talks to us in this episode about what it means to her what it means to live her best and bravest life. Her positive attitude moves her forward in every aspect of her life, living as her authentic self.
• Sandra tells us about the power of our mind and utilising positivity and belief in herself and learning from our life experiences.
• In this episode, Sandra talks candidly about her health and how she is now facing a new chapter in her life as she lives with a brain tumour, knowing she will continue to move forward with “another bump in the road” in her life. Sandra finds positivity in everything she does.
• Fundraising and advocacy is a large part of Sandra’s life. She talks to us about how we can help troubled youth and help change their life.
• Sandra talks about her life as a trauma cleaner and how she helps those in her business and the clients she serves and the book The Trauma Cleaner, – One Women’s extraordinary life in death decay and disaster.
• Smiling is infectious – it brings joy into the world, lights up the room, creates a buzz within yourself and the community.

Sandra’s Tip for living your truth:

Be Brave and Believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything!

How to connect with Sandra:

The Alma Doepel, as mentioned in this episode.

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