The Secret of Living a Full Life.

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Mary Bawden and Tiffany Johnson talk about the Secret to living a full life. Finding wonder, amazement and gratefulness that life brings.

Mary Bawden’s positivity and optimism for a full life is infectious. Mary is a transplant recipient. Faced with a life-threatening illness, Mary was gifted a liver, which changed her life in unimaginable ways. In this episode, Mary and Tiffany talk about the secret to living a full life. Faced with many challenges, throughout her transplant journey, Mary continues never to lose sight of all the wonder, amazement and gratefulness that life brings. Filled with compassion and acceptance of her authentic self and her love of life will bring a smile to your face. This episode will inspire you to live your best and bravest life. 

Mary talks about:

• Her journey as a transplant recipient. The lead up to her diagnosis, she tells us how she never wanted anyone to fuss- as she laid on the ground at the Doctors as her body began to shut down before she finally received her liver transplant. 

• As an optimist wearing rose coloured glasses, we talk about how optimism, a positive mindset and how her faith got her through the transplant leading her to live a full life.

• Transplant Australia do a wonderful community event for transplant recipient’s – the Transplant Games. They are an international sporting event with participants who may or may not have played sport in their life, helping individuals and families renew their life after having a transplant. The community support one and another, share stories, challenge themselves and celebrate their life. Participants and their families all come together to support each other and Mary has found this event to be inspirational. We discuss the benifits of community support and how we can all help each other to live a full life.

• Donate Life is the charity which Mary volunteers, where she goes around and talks to individuals, community groups and large events and encourages them to consider organ donation. Mary bravely and compassionately talks to people about the tough conversations, to have with your family regarding organ donation and explains how you may need to come to have a transplant and to have the conversation with your family. 

• People who have transplants live their life, really living their lives, bravely and fully. 

•  Mary is inspirational in her approach to mindset and helps us all, in acknowledging the good days and the hard days. We discuss how we can take steps forward each day to live our best and bravest life.

Mary’s Tips for Living BRAVELY

Acknowledge all the wonder and gifts that you have in your life. The small things, the big things. Focus on all the wonderful things in your life, a home, friends, a family, and faith.

Try not to over-focus on the challenges and tough decisions but try and have a healthy balance and not lose sight of the amazement and wonder and know that life is still here.

Mary’s Inspirational Quotes

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