When we are BRAVE

Living Your Truth with Sandra Pankhurst

In this episode Sandra Pankhurst, the women from the best-selling memoir – The Trauma Cleaner, one women’s extraordinary life journey in death decay and disaster, talks to us about what it means to her to your truth and being brave in doing so. She shares with us her tips on how she has overcome adversity through her positive mindset.

When we are BRAVE podcast

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to live your best and bravest life. Episode 4.

Shown through vulnerability, Sarah talks to us about Imposter Syndrome in the Royal Australian Navy as a Naval Office and how the voice in our head – which she calls “the prince of lies” can take over our world. Recovering from PTSD, High function anxiety and Alcoholism, Sarah now lives an entirely different life, filled with wellness and the goal to help others who too have lived with imposter syndrome. This episode includes some fabulous tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome and the negative voice who talks to us all.