Welcome to the When we are Brave Podcast – Episode 1

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Welcome to the first episode of the When we are BRAVE podcast. I am super excited to be sharing this with the world! Last year in 2019, I released my first book Brave Enough Now, an inspirational story of self-discovery, survival and hope. I loved connecting with readers across the globe and now I can reach out to you, even more, to help empower you to live as your authentic self, helping you to live your best and bravest life.

When we are BRAVE is filled with stories and conversations, plus tips and tricks to live your best and bravest life.

In this episode, I share with you my story of survival, and how I aim to live bravely every day of my life. 

Meet your host of the When we are BRAVE podcast – Me – Tiffany Johnson. I’m a mum of 2, a wife, an Author, I’m an entrepreneur, a Keynote Speaker and Survivor of the 1999 Swiss Canyoning disaster where 21 young people lost their lives. I share my story of self-discovery, how we can all be brave in everyday life and talk about my positive mindset, which helps me have the courage and strength to live my best and bravest life. 

  • I am the host of When we are BRAVE, author of Brave Enough Now, keynote speaker and a survivor of the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster, where 21 young people lost their lives. 
  • I share my story of self-discovery and how I was brave leaving home at the age of 17, falling in love and travelling overseas, ultimately to Switzerland. 
  • I talk about how I lived my best and bravest life after the disaster and how I am my authentic self, living bravely every day. 
  • Bravery comes in so many forms. For some just getting up every day is a form of bravery, to mothers giving birth, and those who are in the military. But it’s not just our war heroes who are brave. I talk about the bravery of those in our world fighting against COVID-19.
  • The day I was swept away in the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster and how it was in the canyon, when my life flashed before my eyes that I truly knew who I was and who I wanted to be and the value of life. I also touche on my lifelong injuries and talk about positive mindset giving us strength and resilience to live our best and bravest life. 

So my friends, until next time, be brave and live your best life.