Who am I?

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Recently I have had the time to think about things a little more than I normally would. I think it only fitting to share with you some thoughts about how I walk this path of Tiffany Johnson. How I try to be myself, to be who the person that I am destined to be.

My life has had many turns and roundabouts. Sometimes I have gone five steps forward and other times, five steps backwards. Like recently, having a car slam into the back of me, and pushing me through an intersection was never on my list of to do’s. But it has given me the time to think and ponder about myself and the world.

Even with all the wiggly lines of my life’s path, I somehow manage to get back to a place where I can just be me, where I know who I am instead of asking myself – who am I?

Looking back at each turn I’ve taken, the good decisions I’ve made and the God awful ones – I’ve learnt a lesson. I know this has been the reason for the journey I have taken, even the tough ones. They all lead to where I stand now. 

But where do I stand now? And who am I?

It’s a question we often ask ourselves. 

I wear many hats – Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Writer, Artist, Singer, Healer, Chef, Therapist, Gardener, Hiker, Diabetic, Lover of joy in all its forms, even the tiniest things – a drop of rain, a butterfly floating past, a hug to one who needs it. These are just some of my hats, my everyday roles in life, but there are also many more.

It is not the hat wearing of the title that makes me, me. So what is it that makes us, us? 

We are a wild mixture of unique individuals, full of potential in the world.

It’s our experiences and attitudes that help form our view of the world and who we are, all the good, all the bad and all the ugly. 

Everyone is different, and we all experience different things. It is how we try that helps us move forward, developing ourselves to fold into the next stage.


Sitting at a bus stop in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. The bus stop was painted in a wonderful illustration of the famous Ausrtalian children’s story, Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall – one of my favourite books as a child.

Sometimes knowing who you are is harder than one would think. Even though you know what you look like; like what your favourite food is and what your favourite colour is. 

 Do you know who you are within? 

Tiffany Johnson Christmas cooking

Cooking Christmas dinner for my family.

Often outside influences change our perspective, our life experiences and those around us influence our values and beliefs, making us question who we are, this can easily happen. I know it has happened to me, on many occasions.

From my life experiences, I know I have the opportunity to be whoever it is that I want to be. I believe in myself and am able to shape my values and beliefs based on these. Sure, I might be swayed to think differently about specific topics, but that is the joy of change and inspiration. It challenges us to think and feel and be the best that we can be; this just makes me more confident in who I am.

So how do we find out who we are? How do we get to the point of making the statement – This is who I am. Instead of Who am I?

For me, it’s my love and acceptance of myself. All of me, even the parts or things I wish I had done differently. My life experiences both joyous and in disappointments, I learn from – shaping me continually as I grow and discover life. I stay true to my values and try to do the best that I can and above all, I choose to allow the light of love to shine in.

So who are you then?  You ask…

Who is Tiffany Johnson?

I am a woman in her 40’s, with an incredible husband, children, friends and family by my side. I am a writer, and artist and wearer of many hats. I do many things, but it’s not the hat wearing or the things I do that make me, me. What makes me, me, is living the fullest life I can, enjoying the small moments, enjoying all the steps that lead up to the bigger moments.

I learn from every day – the highs and the lows and through this, I making the most out of life, filling it with kindness, respect and love. Life is a gift and one I share with many others, it fulfills me and nourishes me in all aspects. I am proud of who I am, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

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