Which path to take?

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Often I look ahead, and I see a path, a clear path outlined with all the areas in life that I am familiar with. I can make a decision, choose left instead of right and keep going. But sometimes, my path becomes unclear, covered in fog, and I am lost, unsure of which way to turn.

Do I run straight ahead, plough through the fog, turn left or turn right? Do I go back? Or do I stay completely still? Where possibly no one will find me, here amongst the fog. 

I never stand still.

Maybe sometimes I should.

When I reach this part of the road, I try desperately to listen to my intuition. What does my heart say? What should I do next? 

Sometimes this is incredibly hard. I can’t hear my own heart, with all the clatter going on in my mind. Sometimes it can take days, weeks or sometimes months, to differentiate between the chatter in my mind and what my intuition is saying. But somewhere in there, I am able to make the right decision.

Listening to our intuition is hard. It is believing in yourself and what you feel is right, what you know is right in your heart, and often we don’t believe in ourselves enough to tune in.

Sometimes I get it wrong. Often that terrible sick feeling in my stomach hits me, and I know I should have turned left when instead, I turned right. Then the back peddling is always fun – not or making new decisions in life that help one backtrack – though this too can be possibly impossible. But other times, it’s a quick fix to get back on the right path and then the fog lifts. 

I find that meditation helps me, during the foggy times. A tool I use in many different situations, but always a good one. I like the meditation apps you can use on your phone. It is quick and easy. Afterwards, I feel clearer, lighter somehow. Often I am then able to make the decision I was having such trouble with before. 

What tools do you use when life gets foggy?

Do you talk to a friend?

Go for a run or exercise in some way?

Take some time out to think things through?

Or do you stay in the fog, unable to reach out? What could you do to help you find your way through it?

Today at my desk, I am choosing to find the right path, I’m sure its right there, in front of me, the fog is starting to lift, and now I am able to decide which way to turn. Today it is to plough on full steam ahead and not to turn back!

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson


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