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I have always loved writing. I remember as a small child I would write poems and letters to my mummy and leave them on her bed with a little flower – often a weed – that I picked from our garden. On my 8th or so birthday, I remember a present I received that has lasted me a lifetime – a diary. Somewhere to write down all my happenings of the day. But more than that; a secret place where I can be honest with myself about who I am, who I want to be and how I am going to do that. A place where I can scream and shout in the good times and the bad times. I can cry my heart out without a red puffy face, making me look – especially now that I am older – hagged.

    I embraced the gift of journaling then; it has never left me. I take a journal with me on all of my adventures in life. Some pages ripped out and torn or better still – burnt when life was throwing me jagged edges. It has given me that ability to grow, without the pretence of judgement. It has been my sanctuary, particularly when I cannot physically be in my sacred place. 

    My love of journaling has also extended into reading, with a passion for stories, from a young age. There have been times when struggle street has found it’s way to my feet, my hands and my mind. When dyslexia kicks in and the words all jumble off the page, everything becomes back to front and nothing makes any sense. I’ve been slow to read and write, but it has never stopped me, it only ever made me stronger.

    And so, here I am, a 40-year-old woman, sitting at my desk, sharing in my passion for words and storytelling. Now with the ability to share these thoughts and dreams, through the incredible world of social media, it has enabled me to not only connect with myself but also with others. I hope that this page will bring smiles to your faces, ideas to think about, inspiration, tips on how to live life to it’s fullest potential in every possible way and bring a moment to you in our all too busy lives, where the opportunity for a moment of reflection can present itself.

    I hope you enjoy the journey and together we can be Brave Enough Now to move forward.  

Tiff’s Tip


When writing in a journal, let the words flow without thinking. At first, you might find that all you come up with is a word or a sentence, but over time, emotions, thoughts, fears and treasures will present themselves.

Oh, and having a nice pen to write with helps 😉

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson


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