Ann Rodis and Tiffany Johnson on how the world is on the other side of COVID-19 is up to us. Episode 2.

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When we are BRAVE - Episode 2
Episode 2 When we are BRAVE

Ann Rodis, Founder of Soul Based Therapies, shares with us how we can be brave and can take personal responsibility for how our world looks on the other side of COIVD-19.

  • Ann shares her story of spending time overseas before the lockdowns commenced in Australia, and how spending time with her brother- who is playing a major role with the World Health Organisation during the COVID-19 crisis – influenced her to understand at a deeper level how we all need to take personal responsibility to make a difference in our world and how we can live our lives on the other side of COVID -19.
  • Ann tells us a bit about herself, her scientific background as a radiographer and her unique approached to healing through East meets West medicine.
  • Ann inspires us with actionable tools to help us be brave and live our best and bravest life with the tool of journaling. How we can make a difference aligning ourselves and know we are worthy to live our best and bravest life. Instead of fear, focusing on what we can do and be brave in doing so. 

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Mary · April 6, 2020 at 5:22 pm

Fabulous Tiffany. I’m really enjoying your podcasts. Lots of great role models and wonderful stories of bravery, resilience and perseverance.

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