Unsuspecting Darkness

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Darkness consumed the mass, spreading out its dark black wings to entrap any other victim that touched its ever-growing expanse. 

The mass felt solid, in its perfect hiding place, beneath the rolls of human flesh that it continued to feed on.

Feeding on her.

Soon it would move into new territories, like a noxious weed entrapping its roots amongst an English flower bed, forever to strangle the goodness and life out of its casualty.

The days that followed the news were consumed with unsuspecting darkness, that strangled us in the day and suffocated us in the night. Fear, worry and anger haunting our minds, sucking out the joy that once filled our every breath. Now only toxicity to breathe in and out. 

The day came. The mass would now be dug out from the thick tissue and blood vessels it now called home. 

Stalking the corridors, I pant, imagining the theatre, with its gowns and blood stains from before. Now clean are ready for another, for her.

It’s her turn. 

Stripping her veins, twisting and turning like a strangled sea turtle choking on plastic in their own battle in a toxic war. An innocent war we made ourselves, I might add. Killing wildlife, killing human life, in turn for what? 

For more chemicals. And now, we have them, these chemicals. But why do we need them? Why do we want them? When all they do is entangle our world in heartache, suffering and sickness.

And now our war on cancer is upon me. Upon us. 

Within her.

A war too many of us battle with. Only this war is on an innocent human life. Just like all the others.

Her life.

If we were on the battlefield, at 1 – 3, we would lose. I can’t let her lose. 

My mother, I can’t let her lose.

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