Brave Enough Now: Surviving the Swiss Canyoning Disaster

Brave Enough Now

The 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster stole the lives of 21 young people. Tiffany survived. 

Her memoir Brave Enough Now details her inspirational journey from trauma to hope.

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Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany is a survivor of the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster. These events have shaped her writing and perspective on life.  She has found her voice and wants to help others find their voice too.

BRAVE ENOUGH NOW is her first book. Tiffany is working on her second.

When not writing, you can find Tiffany cooking up a storm in the kitchen with her family all singing to Frank Sinatra, or sitting in her garden drinking tea while pondering what inspiration the world will bring for her next creative adventure. 

Tiffany has settled back to her place of birth in Melbourne, with her two children, her ever so patient husband and two dogs – who are not as patient.



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