Brave Enough Now – Prologue – Audiobook Recording. Episode 5.

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An audiobook recording of the Prologue of BRAVE ENOUGH NOW, an Inspirational story of Self-discovery, Survival and Hope.

Hear the beginning of my book Brave Enough Now in this audiobook recording of the Prologue.

A true story of discovery, adventure, love and loss. Told through humour and raw honesty of her account of fear, survival and ultimately healing.

On 27 July 1999, twenty-one young people from Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa and Switzerland died in a canyoning disaster in the Saxetenbach Gorge in Switzerland. The tragedy became headline news around the globe, with regular features in THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE BBC, MULTIPLE EUROPEAN NEWS AGENCIES AND THROUGHOUT ASIA PACIFIC.

The flash flood swept down the mountain with the force of the water was so powerful that several bodies were recovered in lake Brienz, miles downstream. Many of the victims’ bodies unrecognizable from the trauma, and had to be identified through dental records. 

Tiffany survived.

She had begun her travels in search of adventure, only to find herself on the run from a manipulative, and deceitful boyfriend, she escaped on a European tour where she began to put her missing puzzle pieces of herself back together and learns how to trust again, rebuilding her faith in love and friendship– only to be plunged into a world of new dangers and challenges by what happened in the gorge that fateful day.

From little girl lost to lioness. 

Tiffany is Brave Enough Now.

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