Motivation to live your best life

With a passion for building positivity and hope, Tiffany speaks about various topics reflecting on her experiences rebuilding from trauma to live your best life.

Swiss Canyoning Disaster Rescue

Surviving, and thriving, through Trauma

Tiffany talks about the horrific experience of being washed away in the flash flood. Her message is clear. Live your best life.

Tiffany has been a victim of trauma through her survival from the Swiss Canyoning Disaster. She has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Through her positive outlook on life and infectious.

Tiffany helps inspire people to make positive choices in their life. In telling the story of her journey to recovery, she explains how she has built the resilience to deal with the demons in her mind and develop habits that have helped her find new levels of happiness.

Insulin pump

Living with chronic illness

Life as an insulin dependent diabetic is no joy ride. There are no holidays from diabetes. Tiffany explains how she has learned to live her life ‘wearing her pancreas on the outside’.

In this very practical talk, Tiffany explains the role that support networks, diet control, and positive mindset each play in harmony towards a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Tiffany is an advocate for Diabetes Australia and related organisations and charities. She has been featured in the Diabetes Australia magazine, Circle.



Tiffany shares the lessons she has learned through her own journey of self-discovery, survival and hope. Importantly, this includes the need to listen and the need for self-belief.

From the moment she chose to keep moving forward in the search for self, Tiffany has had many moments to question if she could achieve her goals. Even though she kept facing obstacles, she would find another way of achieving the outcome she was looking for.

This talk discusses building instincts for trust, belief in self and listening. For Tiffany, this was trusting the guides or learning to still trust others even after tragedy. Ultimately this also covers learning the trust of self – listening to your own intuition.  

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